Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Theatre--Submission (AAPA)

I have a policy of never reviewing the work of other Acadiana theatre artists and this is not really a review.  It is, however, a recommendation.  I recommend Nathanael Trahan's production of RABBIT HOLE to every theatre artist in Acadiana.  The setting is an actual house furnished just as if the family really lived in it.  You will follow the actors from one room to the next almost as if either they--or we--are ghosts.  The concentration of the actors is incredible as they negotiate their way around and among the audience while doing business and speaking dialogue as smoothly as if they were truly alone in the house.  The use of the setting is a great reminder that theatre means "to see" and not "a place with seats and a stage and stuff."  Any space can be a stage with some imagination and commitment as RABBIT HOLE proves.  This show is a great demonstration that where there is a will, there is a way.  Kudos to all!

It's worth the trip out to Youngsville to see this production--assuming, of course, that you have already seen LIVES OF THE SAINTS at Theatre 810!
---Walter Brown

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