Monday, August 13, 2012


Here are some of the pictures from the Acting Unlimited, Inc./Wanderlust Theatre Co. co-production of WOLVES IN THE WALLS (the Cody Daigle adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "The Wolves in the Walls", copyright 2003).  The puppets were all designed and created by Wanderlust Theatre Co. All photographs courtesy of Leah Graeff.

Lucy and the Girl Wolf listening for one another through the walls 
(Jarin Schexnider and Carrie Shick)

Lucy discussing the situation with Pig 
(Carrie Shick)

Lucy and the Wolf Girl
(Carrie Shick and Jarin Schexnider) 

The Humans in the Walls
(Joseph Diaz, Kayla Smith, Michael Cato, Carrie Shick)

Lucy, Pig and Lucy's mother
(Kayla Smith and Carrie Shick)

Pandemonium as the Humans fight back!

The Mice (from Backstage)

More backstage Mice

Lucy and the Polar Bear
(Ali Roberts, Erin Segura and Carrie Shick)

Lucy and the Camel
(Carrie Shick and Rory Lambert)

The Aliens
(Phillip Spear and Martha Diaz)

Lucy and the Queen of Melanesia
(Carrie Shick and Laura Blum)

(Morgan James and Rachel Chambers)

Pig and Lucy
(Morgan James, Rachel Chambers and Carrie Shick)
Gator and the Wolf Girl
(Rachel Chambers and Jarin Schexnider)

The Humans in the Walls
(Erin Broussard, Carrie Shick, Joseph Diaz, Kayla Smith, Michael Cato, Jarin Schexnider and Nick Dooley)

The Wolves!
(Jarin Schexnider, Nick Dooley, Erin Broussard and Cody Dunstan)

Wolf Feet
(Cody Dunstan)

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