Monday, June 4, 2012

Theatre--Performance (Cast Interviews)

This is part of a continuing series of interviews with the cast of THE COMPLETE WOMEN OF SHAKESPEARE, opening June 8th at 8 pm.  Tickets are available now.


1. Who do you play in The Complete Women of William Shakespeare?
          I play the role of Juliet.

2. What is your role in Second Best Bed and When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet?
          Juliet’s role in When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet is to act as a sort of narrator to remind the audience of each woman’s story, as well as her own.

3. Favourite Scene to play? Favourite Line?

          I don’t really have a favorite scene or line to play just yet, but that might change as rehearsals progress.  The whole play is hilarious for those that know Willie Shakespeare’s books!

4. Through your character's eyes, what are Second Best Bed and When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet about?
          When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet is about all her friends (the other women in Shakespeare’s books) gathering to give her love advice about her relationship with Romeo. However, in the end, Juliet ends up teaching the other women a thing or two.

5. What do you hope audiences take away from these two shows?
          I hope the audiences enjoy the play while still learning what true love is all about. I think bits of all
of Shakespeare’s ladies are in all of us, whether we are shrewish, a hopeless romantic, or even a
madwoman at times.

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