Thursday, June 7, 2012

Theatre--Performances (Cast Interview)


1. Who do you play in The Complete Women of William Shakespeare?
          I play Prudence, I am one of four friends that go to Anne Hathaway’s house to ‘console’ her, aka get the juicy gossip on the rich folks in town.

2. What is your role in Second Best Bed
          I think my role in Second Best Bed is to illustrate the weakness in envy.  My character wants everything that she doesn’t have.  So she looks for ways to undermine other people’s happiness and tries to capitalize on their pain in order to make herself feel better about not having the world.

 3. Favourite Scene to play? Favourite Line?
I love the first few opening lines that establish the relationship ‘the ladies of Stratford’ have with Anne and her household.  We just walk in and take over whatever space we can in the Shakespeare household much to their servant Dorothy’s, chagrin.  Dorothy cannot keep her distain for these women.  My favorite response to one of her quips is ‘If impoliteness were a virtue Dorothy would be a saint’. This line drips with irony.

 4. Through your character's eyes, what is Second Best Bed 
          From Prudence’s eyes, this play is about the foibles of jealousy.  She wants anything she doesn’t have and hates those that have what she doesn’t.  I think this production shows that no matter the cause, if you act with hate and envy in your heart, you will lose against someone acting with love and patience. 

5. What do you hope audiences take away from these two shows?  
I hope people leave inspired and full of laughter!

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