Friday, June 29, 2012


Lafayette's Two Favorite Comedies Take the Stage at Cité des Arts:  Gros Becs by Stuart Stelly & Eulalie by Clayelle Dalfres

 PeeWee Leblanc is a hunter at heart. His desire to hunt Gros Becs, an endangered species, has lead to an endless chase from Vincent Guidry, the game warden.  It seems as though the years of chasing PeeWee are about to pay off. Or are they? If Rose Leblanc has anything to do with it, Vincent may just get his wish in catching PeeWee, and Rose may finally get PeeWee to mass.

Eulalie by Clayelle Dalfres is about a young girl in love. However, Eulalie's true love doesn’t love her “atall, atall”.  Eulalie may just capture the man of her dreams, with the help of Taunte Terese.  But none of this will happen unless Eulalie can pull off the love potion Taunte Terese has conjured up. Will Eulalie end up with the man of her dreams? Only time will tell.

The characters in these locally written comedies have been performed with finesse by Shane Guilbeau and Sandra Broussard over the years, and we're lucky they're bringing them back this summer.  If you need a good laugh, don't miss this show.

Performances are June 29-30, July 6-7, and July 13-14 7:30pm.

Reservations can be made by calling             337-291-1122      , or purchase tickets from our website at

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